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i-carbon Internet Backup Solution


Your data backup headaches have just disappeared!

Reliability, Redundancy, Peace of Mind


Data security and the associated backup and restore functions can be a challenge to companies. Additional hardware, storage media, and personnel needed to perform specific back-up tasks are no longer needed. With the advent of high speed internet connections comes the ability to move important data off-site to a dedicated backup server. This is referred to as "File Transfer Protocol” (FTP) backup.


FTP backups take the responsibility from the end user and gives it to the technology company providing the service, leaving you to do what you do best—run your business.


“SUMMIT i-Carbon Internet Backup” is a complete solution for all your company’s back-up concerns. The software performs the data back-up, and creates a log which is monitored every day. If a data transfer was not successful, it is addressed to determine which files didn't get processed and what caused those files to fail. If an online repair is not possible, an on-site support call is scheduled.


We're local, we're right here for you!


Because we are a local company we are able to personally deliver files on removable media, should a condition exist that results in a restoration failure. In addition, back-ups are copied to two separate servers in two different locations, assuring the safety of the customer’s data.


Call us today and let us show you how offsite, ftp backup can save you time, money and give you peace of mind!


FTP is a very secure method for moving data. However, some organizations may have requirements that do not allow for data to be in a public domain that results from that data traversing the Internet. Customers should check with their compliance officer for the possibility of coverage by HIPAA, FDIC or other governing authority.








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