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Organizations today are inundated with data. Storing existing applications such as e-mail, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations can be cumbersome. Legal requirements for file retention, the need for disaster recovery planning, multi-media applications, file sharing, digital photography, and customer data adds to the influx of data, resulting in an increased need for storage.


The Shasta Storage Station is an intelligent network storage solution for:


The free standing NAS solution manages shared files by user names or groups, and features a NAS system backup, remote boot, FTP client and system recovery. The large office and enterprise solutions can mount in your rack and provide NAS to all your users.


This high performance solution is ideal for protecting valuable data and quickly restoring from a backup. With convenient Web interfaces, the Shasta NAS provides security by limiting access to shared folders by user or group level authentication. Complete and advanced data protection is provided through support for RAID Levels 10, 5 and 1. The client backup and recovery application is a powerful, centralized function providing entire system backup and recovery for clients running Windows operating systems. Should there be a hard disk failure in the client, your critical data can be recovered.







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